My names Mike and I setup this Blog to give you honest reviews and opinions on certain information that can really help you make money online and aswell as help those that might be interested in making an extra income online but dont know where to start, for me it all started several years back and it was tough back then alot of the information you can easily find now via a simple google search wasnt so readily available back then.


It was around summer 2005 these times and I remember just dropping out of college and desperate to make some extra cash, to buy a new motorcycle like many of my friends had, but i couldnt even get together $20 let alone money for a new bike…

Well one day my friend eric was over my house and we were playing takken on ps2(i used to kick his butt all the time lol ;), now something i always noticed about eric was he never complained about needing cash and always had the coolest gadgets…i just assumed he had rich parents or something and never thought any further on it.

Then one day eric invited me over his house to play some ps2 and talk about our weekend, after sometime we got chatting about me wanting this motorcycle and me being too broke to get it, and thats when he told me about what he does in his spare time to make money and said he would send me a video of some guy who he had been following for a while, this guy apparently taught people how to make a living online in their spare time,

i was a little scepticle at first as i had seen websites promising the same when they were just scams, But i knew my friend eric personally and i could see that he was doing well for himself so there had to be something different about what he told me…so i was determined to give it a go, why not i had nothing to lose!

SO I WAS PUMPED!!!…i couldnt wait to get started, at first it was a little complicated but long story short after a great many coffeas and some thorough research and the advise of my friend eric i managed to learn a variety of ways to make money online and gain a firm understanding of internet marketing in general…and needless to say i eventually got my motorcycle 😉

which bring us to the present where i have Launched several successful business models online and mostly invest my time in consulting others how to do the same, and one of the reasons i setup this blog is to help others to achieve successs online aswell, as anyone has the ability to change their lives if they choose to, so i hope you learn alot from my website and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up via my contact page HERE or better yet sign up to my newsletter where i give you the latest and coolest updates and Ninja tips for being successful online. Peace 🙂

Different types of online business models

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling someone elses product and recieving a commission or cut of the sale, some vendors/product owners will give anywhere upto 100% commissions or 100% of each sale to their affiliates, why would they do this you might ask because they will make more money in the long run marketing more products to these people in the future.

affiliate marketing


:dont need your own product.
:can start right away.
:can build a list of subscribers using a capture page to market other products to.
:can be done with no investment.

:have to put in alot of work if using free traffic.
:someone elses product so you only take a cut of the commissions in most cases.
:most cases you get paid on specific times like every 30 days instead of instantly.
:your not building a list of customer/subscribers, unless you have a capture page.

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Seo/Niche Marketing

Seo or Niche Marketing involves doing research into a profitable market/niche and building websites around them, utilizing keywords or phrases that are commonly used and typed into search engines(such as google and bing)by people interested in that specific keyword or niche, marketers will mostly monitize the highly targeted traffic to their niche websites in a variety of ways such as, affiliate products, cpa offers, etc… but the most popular monitization method being ppc advertising like “google adsense”.

seo marketing


:can bring laser targetted traffic to your website.
:can make alot of money if your in the right niche.
:once your websites ranked first page in google it can remain there for years.
:you can also build a list of subscribers using an optin form on your site.

:can take a while before you start getting traffic to your site or making sales.
:unless your skilled at seo you cant gaurantee you will get ranked in google.
:can be very expensive to get ranked in google unless you know seo yourself.
:you must be able to write articles unless you hire someone to do it for you.

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Cpa marketing

Cpa Marketing stands for “cost-per-action” marketing and is similar to affiliate marketing but with a twist, instead of getting paid when someone buys something your promoting like affiliate marketing, cpa marketing in most cases only requires the visitor or would be customer to sign up to a free offer such as a “skin care sample” or “free prize draw” where they only need to enter their email at which point you get paid.

cpa marketing


:can start right away.
:dont need to invest.
:if you know what your doing niches can be easily found to make money in.
:can be used in almost any niche.

:if you dont know how to find good niches it can be challenging.
:it can be hard at times to find offers to fit your audience/niche.
:some offers dont last long and come and go quickly.
:unless you do research it can be difficult to decide what cpa network to sign up with.

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Product creation

Product Creation is the reverse to affiliate marketing in a way, Because you as the product creator dont really have to do as much work as an affiliate would(in terms of promotion), as most of the work goes into creating the product, But once thats done you can have an army of affiliates promoting your products for you specially if you offer generous commissions and prizes for top performing affiliates.

product creation isnt hard you can become a expert in any niche/market by leveraging the expertise of others, and by that i mean theres something called “plr content” which stands for “private-label-rights” plr content can be bought for very low prices and in some cases absolutely free, and once purchased can be rebranded as your own content.

so long story short its basically buying someone elses product and being able to edit it in any way you like and selling it as your own and with full profits with permission from the original owner.

product creation


:once you create the product most of the hard work is out of the way.
:you can recruit an army of affiliates to sell your product for you.
:can build a list of customers to market to in the future.
:can make alot of money and build a huge list of customers if you know what your doing.

:you will need to invest in various things to get started.
:you will also need money to hire people to create graphics, website, etc.
:can be quite difficult for someone new to product creation to do it properly.
:you have to be prepared to invest alot of time at first creating your sales funnel.

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Abitrage marketing

Abitrage Marketing is basically when your effectively a “middle man” between two parties one being the seller and two being the customer, you as the middel man simply find customers who need a service/product and act as though you have the said service/product for sale, then once the customer pays you, you then buy the item from the original seller and get them to ship it to the customer as a gift.

you ask the seller to send it as a gift so the transaction details are not sent to the customer.



:can be done right away.
:in most cases you dont need to invest to do it.
:dont need your own product or stock.
:can make alot of money if you know what your doing.

:it can be hard to find products to sell if you dont know what your doing.
:depending how your doing it you might need to invest but only when you make a sale.
:in most cases your not building a list of subscriber/future cusomers.
:most cases your not creating a brand for yourself by selling other peoples products.

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Random ways to make money online from Home

Theres soo many ways to make money online that even if i knew every single method i couldnt even list them all under this section so make sure you check the random money maker catergory HERE for regular updates on all sorts of random money making methods!

make money online




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-Q:where do i start with trying to make money online?

A:Well first off you should take a good read through most of the information on this website and decide what path you want to go down, remember this is your future your dealing with you should start with something you feel you can dedicate time to trying,
But i would recommend you try out fiverr as a place to start theres a variety of ways to make a decent income from this website and even if you might already have experience making money online you can read more about it Here.

-Q:Do i need to invest anything to setup a business online?
A:Well to be honest the answer is no, but eventually if you want to take things serious and build a proper long lasting business online then yes you will, but the good news is you will have to only invest a very small amount compared to an offline brick&mortar business!

-Q:How long does it take to start making money online?

A:it depends on what rout you go in trying to make money online, some methods you can see earnings within hours, and others it can take months it also depends upon how much time and effort you put in to your business.