Hi, my names Mike Online Business Consultant and a proud father of two boys, i started my journey into internet marketing and trying to build an income online a good few years back now, And when i first started out it seemed almost impossible to find an actual method or way to make an income online!…it seemed like everyone wanted to sell me some sort of get rich quick scheme…

“Buy this for overnight riches”…”push button magic money machine”…

I heard it all! and bought many of these so-called get rich quick methods,

And I was no better off afterwards, infact I felt worse! demoralized and stupid for buying into the BS and now i couldnt even scrape together $20, and it was around this time that i was seriously considering just giving up on trying to make money online!

Until i got my hands on a video with some ebooks my friend eric sent me, the video was of this guy teaching a lesson or seminar of some kind?,

And in this seminar he went over the difference between them guys you see pushing scammy junk, and respectable online business owners, and how positioning yourself as a professional with a solid Business model will Benefit not only your happy customers of whatever market your in, But will also benefit YOU the business owner over the long run as you Build a relationship establishing and maintaining respect and trust with your customers,

But in that seminar he mentioned many fundemental key ingredients to becoming not only a seasoned internet marketer but also having a Business frame of mind no matter your market or business model!

And so after that day my outlook on Life and Building a business online was never the same, and i relised the huge potential to create a more than stable income online, So now 10+ years down the line im still working on alot of different projects with other marketing friends of mine,

But I’ve made it one of my personal goals to teach and help others build they’re own successful Business model, as this is truly one of the only industries with the opportunity to work in your own time while you still make money! And thats Powerful!

So take a look around and feel free to check out all the Awesome info and tools on site, and if your interested in 1-on-1 coaching with me personally Via skype all the information is provided on the website and as soon as you sign-up i will be in contact with you personally!

Thanks for reading and make sure you stay tuned for cool updates and NEW features to the site, peace 🙂


Mike Andy